Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When did I become an atheist?

>August of 2009

2.  Do I hate God?

>No. I don't believe in a god. Yahweh is the deity that I am most familiar with and he is evil by deed and word.

3.  Am I afraid to go to hell?

>No.  Hell was one of the first concepts that I let go on my way to freedom.

4.  Was I a Christian?

>Yes.  I said the magic words when I was about 17.

5.  What does my parents think?

 My mother thinks I'm crazy.  Actually she said I changed ever since I came back from the war.  I guess for her it is a matter of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

6.  Am I afraid for my safety?

Yes.  The more face time I get the more likely I will draw the attention of some zealot.

7.  What does my partner think of my atheism?

 She likes it.

8.  Did you really try to understand the Bible?

 Yes.  It isn't not hard to understand.  I had the Student Bible and it was a piece of cake.

9.  Did you read the entire Bible?

> Pretty much.  I highly recommend it.  It will make more people atheist.

10.  Did you read the entire Qur'an?

Yes.  I was challenged by a friend and accomplished it around March 2010.

11.  Where do we come from? How did life begin?

We are still trying to figure those things out.  We have made great progress towards the answers however.  Take a good science class and you will learn a lot.  I recommend Geology.

12.  How do you feel about evolution?  How do you feel about voodoo?

>  Evolution is a fact.  Voodoo use to scare the shit out of me.  Now I see it as just another religion.