Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#89- Abortion And Christianity: Pro- Life VS. Yahweh

A few years ago I had a few spirited exchanges on Facebook with a man who I found out has a BlogTalkRadio show.  The show has a particular day where they focus on abortion.  He and his wife host the show where they vigorously wage Christian war against this practice.

Many people are against abortion.  Most people understand why.  It takes a special kind of human to dislike kids because they are often seen as innocent, vulnerable, and cute.  Being religious is not necessary when in comes to being anti-abortion or "Pro-Life" as it is more commonly known.

What is strange to me is that the gods of the Jewish and Christian Bibles (Jews currently worship Yahweh while Christians worship Jesus essentially.  The holy book of the Jews is the Old Testament of the Christian bibles) have ZERO problem killing kids.  This includes the unborn in their mother's womb.

If you need examples I will gladly point you to this site.  These people don't mention how their god drowned the entire world in the Noah flood that did not happen in reality.  The god has ordered the slaughter of men, women, and children in order to steal their land.  How then is this a "Pro-Life" deity?

Well, I guess you can follow their show to find out how Yahweh/Jesus went from a nefarious rancid megalomaniac  to a deity who dislikes killing.

As for myself I am not for abortion but I am pro-choice.  I understand that sometimes there are situations where an abortion is best especially when done early.  If these believers were interested in preventing unnecessary abortions or child births you would think that they would champion the latest and effective birth control methods.  But I believe they still espouse the antiquated no sex before marriage technique.

The debate over abortion is still raging on.  It is an issue that some people use to determine who to vote for.  Many provisions made for women after the landmark Roe V. Wade decision have been undermined at the state level.

I've seen people demonstrating in front of the Planned Parenthood near my home.  I find it very curious that believers don't just pray abortions away.  Isn't it their gods that oversees the creation of the fetus?  How do they justify miscarriages?  Do believers have a plan for unwanted children if abortions become illegal?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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  1. I was able to google your presence on the web. I am an Haitian and also an atheist. I was raised catholic and at the age of sixteen I became a seventh day Adventist. When I turned nineteen, during my last year of high school, I decided to study theology while finishing my secondary school and at the same time going to technical school at the 'Centre pilote de formation professionelle '. I had an extremely busy schedule from Monday to Thursday. I had to leave my house at six in the morning to return after ten in the evening. On Friday I had to tutor maths in order to pay for my tuition at the Adventist University (DIQUINI). Thanks to the knowledge that I acquired and the hard questions that were allowed at this level of study, I started to detect a lot of flaws in the bible. The regular members of the church are mostly satisfied with reading a few verses and accept the interpretation that are given to them by the pastors and elders. When you are studying theology you have the privilege to access the materials and analyze them. Not only textual criticism but also historical studies help you to understand the texts. I had the opportunity to study philosophy, ancient history and ancient societies cultural myths. After a while I couldn't believe that it took me so long to discover that the bible is nothing more than a book of poetry and literature of Judaism as n christianism. Science and philosophy have become my passion and have contributed tremendously to my understanding of the universe that we live in.
    Women, for most part, have always been marginalized in religions. The overwhelming anti-abortion crowd have their beliefs based on religious conventions. No one, that I know of, is anti-life, I am pro-life but not in the sense of those who believe that the pregnant women are subordinate to the fetus. If the fetus is viable I think that the pregnant woman should (not must) give it a chance at life. The science is not definitive when it comes to the exact moment when it is. No one has the right to live at the expense of someone else, unless it is agreed to by the other person. A fetus has no special rights. We can't force a mother to give a liver to a new born baby who is viable human being, why then should we legislate that the fetus has the right to use the womman's womb to come to terms ? The same groups that call themselves pro-life the ones that stand against universal health care free pre-K, universal education etc. No government intervention in our personal lives except when it comes to their pet projects. No body is forcing the so called pro life individuals to have an abortion, they can have as many babies as they want, but they want to force the others, against their will, to keep a pregnancy. Consent to have sex is not consent to be pregnant, consent to be pregnant is not consent to stay pregnant. A man or a woman can decide to stop a sexual act after he or she consented to it and is in the middle of it.