Thursday, January 15, 2015

#86- What it will take for me to believe in gods again.

This is a question that I have pondered for a while.  Let me be upfront with the readers and say that it will be extremely hard for me to believe in gods again.  First, I will clarify some points to help you understand how I think.

1.  I use the term "gods" and not "God" often.

I do not use "God" because I do not want to give preference to monotheist models of the super beings.  Some people use the word "God" to mean the chief deity of the Hebrew myths known as "Yahweh".

2.  Belief is synonymous with opinion.

From my perspective, a belief is not necessary when talking about gods.  I try to keep my position as binary as possible.  There either are gods or there are not.  If a person asks me what I believe, I try to find out if they are interested in what I KNOW first.  I try to let them know that that my beliefs are mostly opinions and are subject to trial.

3.  Gods exist.  Humans created them.

All the gods that I know of are creations of humans.  It takes very little effort to mentally create a deity.

The above descriptions of how I approach some key terms should give the reader an idea of how difficult it would be for me to believe in many of the existing models for gods.  If the gods can communicate to me then they should be able to communicate to other people.

I would ask for repeated evidence in order to make sure that I am not mistaken.  I would record my interaction with the gods.  If that stage is passed then I will inquire of the gods about topics of interest.  Perhaps the god is powerful but forgetful.  Perhaps the god is benevolent but inept.  I will try not to assume I know what a god is or needs and just let the creature inform me of the information.

Most of the gods I am acquainted with from the human myths are very self-centered megalomaniacs.  Perhaps the gods I will meet will be different.

If the god needs anything from me, I will treat them like I would another person.  If they are powerful and threaten to hurt me or my loved ones then I will make my decisions based on avoiding the harm.

At this point in my life I see no need to worship anyone or anything.  I have people that I admire but I can't fathom building a shrine to them.  Of course, I love my family but making them into deities is out of the question.

If the classic models of the popular gods exist then it would not be a matter of faith as to their existence.  It would be a matter of fact that anyone can access.

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