Friday, July 19, 2013

#83- Truth Does Not Matter To Religious People.

The title of the post seems provocative and it may be so. However, allow me to prove my point. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of religions that are active today. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of defunct religions as well.  Some of these religions make competing claims that cannot be reconciled.  It is possible, however, that all of these active religions are wrong about their claims at the same time.

I am currently taking a class on world religion and I am learning more about the faiths of the East.  Just like all the other religions that I am familiar with, the Eastern religions have many denominations.  In time these denominations my splinter off into new religions and make more claims.  For the purpose of this blog, I will reference the 3 most popular Abrahamic religions because they are the ones that I am most familiar with.

Claim Judaism Christianity Islam
Nature of god/s 1 god named Yahweh who favors Jews and Judaism over other peoples and religion. A Trinity made up of Yahweh, Jesus, and a Holy Ghost. Allah is god’s name.  He really hates when people attach partners to him.  He wants you to be Muslim and follow Muhammad.
On Jesus A guy who tried to lead Jews astray from the true religion. God himself in the flesh. A prophet but not a god.
Word of god. TaNaKh (24 books) Some combination of the Jewish Bible (TaNaKh) and Greek writings (New Testament) 66 books for Protestants and 73 books for Catholics. Qur’an as reveal to Muhammad.
How to be saved from Hell. There is NO hell. Repent and accept Jesus as Lord and savior. Worship god alone and follow the examples of Muhammad.
Day of rest Saturday Sun Day (for most Xtians) Friday
Can you eat pork? No Sure No
Is Jesus a messiah? No Yes Yes
Is the Pope an agent of God? No Yes, if you are Catholic.  No, if you are Protestant. No

OK, so we have covered some basics.  There are a lot more differences between these religions but these examples should suffice for now.  Let us assume that Judaism got all the claims right.  Let us further assume that Jews have successfully carried the burden of proof for the above claims with evidence, logic, etc.  Finally, let us assume that after the Jews have done the job of presenting their case that all the major news networks around the world decide to broadcast the results of the findings.

The question is:  how long will it take for people to give up the various forms of Christianity and Islam?  Do you really think that the evidence and logic presented by the Jews will make a difference to the believers of the sides that lost the argument?  I don’t think so.  Now, keep in mind that the sampling of differences above does not include questions that affect and involve all 3 religions at once.  For example, all 3 religions share the myth of Adam & Eve.  We know that humans evolved out of Africa and that the early populations could not have come from 1 pair of Homo Sapiens because of the need for variation in the genetic pool to avoid deformities.  This has been one of the big issues with the culture war between Creationism and Evolution.  But we won’t touch on that now.  I just wanted to show some theological difference that the 3 popular Abrahamic religions share.

I don’t think that if the Jews were indeed correct in the categories above that it would make much of a difference.  This includes after news presentation of the facts.  Therefore, facts or truths of the claims ultimately do not matter to some people.  They will continue to believe for their own private reasons.

So, how exactly did the other religions die off?  What is your opinion?


  1. When you're convinced everything and everybody is conspiring fo destroy the claims of your book of choice, contrary ideas are seen as tools to fool, rather than proof their book of choice is whats in error

    1. Hello MaxxSteelTheGod,

      I understand and agree. Thank you for your comment.