Monday, July 1, 2013

#81- ACN: A Cult Experience- Part 1

I promote critical thinking.  Unfortunately, I am not a champion of skepticism now or in the past.  I wish I could say that I will be a decision making titan in the future but that may never be the case.

Let me tell you a story that shows that I am human and susceptible to questionable decisions just like anyone else.

Background Story:

I was moonlighting/dating this young lady who had no further use for me and dismissed me unceremoniously.

I was extremely dejected and looked to make sure that I was never fired like that again.  She did not tell me exactly why she chose not to keep seeing me but I guessed that it came down to two main things:

1.  I was out of shape.
2.  She made more money than me.

To solve the first problem, I started going LA Fitness...religiously (pun intended).  To solve the second problem, I joined a company called "ACN".

The crazy thing is that I have joined other multi-level marketing programs before.  All of my experiences have not been positive.  But powered but my recent snub, I was determined to become the successful entrepreneur that I wanted to be for a long time.

Max Knowles
The first order of business was to attend one their weekly seminars at this hotel in Broward County.  The presenter and star of the show was Max Knowles.  He was the leader and organizer of the local group.  It took a few meetings to convince me to part ways with $500 I barely had.  I was walking out on faith.

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