Sunday, October 28, 2012

#72- Safety Concerns

Some people are sensitive.  Some people are very sensitve.  Some people are very sensitive, very religious, and very violent.

Just a few days ago a man gunned down another man at Creflo Dollar's World Changer church in Atlanta, Georgia.  This was done in full view of a host of people from what I understand.  Details are still coming out on the motives but I would not feel comfortable going to that church for a while. Not to mention the religious implecations of a good diety and violence being done so brazenly in his/her sanctuary.

My blog is pretty obscure right now.  But the world and some people are very unstable sometimes.  I've written on topics that are near and dear to my heart and have enjoyed it very much.  But with the internet being so wide open and social media being so prevalent it is a wise thing to take precautions against the "Abrahams" of the world.

I want to make it clear:  I do not endorse violence in general.  I hope the world becomes more peaceful and that people become more rational.  I find religion and religious people interesting but I don't necessarily respect everything they think, say, or do.  I wish we could all be cordial but that's not reality.

For a while I worried about the health of people I've cojoled and inspired to leave religion.  Now I wonder about me.  How safe am I?  Is there anyone who wants to harm me or my friends?  There is no way to know the future but right now all is well.  As I become more famous things may change.

Some of my fans may know of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's story and subsequent living arragements.  I don't envy her life.  Her money would be nice but I want to live a life free of fear.  But how can I say what I think and yet stay safe?

Well, that is a tricky question.  I can use the usual safety methods:  use a pseudonim, use a P.O. Box, grow a nappy beard, and get tattoos all over my body.  But how long will that last?

Tonight I wonder who exactly would my humble blog piss off so much that they'd want to bust a cap in my ass.  Is it a Muslim?  That's an easy alligation to make, isn't it?  All the bad guys seem to be Muslim.  But the Creflo Dollar guy probably was not a "slave of Allah". 

Will it be a Christian?  Odd are it may be just based on the demographic numbers, right?  But as soon as that person makes a threat the other believers will just say "that's not a true Christian".  We've all heard that one before.  It's also convenient for both Christians and Muslims that there are 1000s of different sects and flavors of each.

One morning while jogging I had a vision of mixing it up with some Black Hebrew Israelites.  They are real fun to talk shit with.  They are cocky, loud, and motivated.  But unfortunately I think they are much more serious about their insane love for the Bible than the wanton average hypocrite.  So, I haven't messed with them in a while.  Plus I've matured, too.  I'm not about forcing my thoughts on no one.  We can either discuss things as mature homo sapiens are not.
What about them Jews?  What about them?  Them boys just keep to themselves.  I like that.

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