Sunday, October 28, 2012

#71- Abraham and his Almost-Sacrifice

Today is a holiday for my Muslim friends all over the world.  Therefore let me say the appropriate "Eid Mubarak!" to you all.  For those of you who are unaware, today (28 October 2012) is "Eid al-Adha".

Is this what YOU call a good time?
Admittedly, this post was inspired by another blog:  The authors were kind enough to leave a message here on my humble blog.  I have since returned the favor and have read some of their posts.

Now to the business at hand.  This story is insane and barbaric.  I don't think many people give it much thought.  It is my opinion that the character Abraham, like most of the folk heroes in the dessert tales, was either insane or mental maladjusted.  This is what Muslims are celebrating for this weekend.  Then they wonder why people strap bombs on themselves to do harm.  This story sets a number of bad precedents for believers and people who live in the real world alike.

Does listening to voices give you the right to do things to people?  What was the way that the ancient peoples of the East determined if a person was a sound mind?  Who witnessed this exchange between Abraham and Ismael (Isaac if you know the original)?

Would any Muslim be ok with a fellow Muslim who had ritually slit the throat of their son or daughter?  What if the son or daughter had agreed to be killed on this holiday no less!

Let us assume the same crime, I mean event, happened in 6 different countries the same way.  What would happen to the person who re-enacted Abraham's role believing that some invisible, inaudible, superbeing was going to interveing in his or her place?

The settings are as follow:

1.  Port-au-Prince, Haiti
2.  Southampton, England
6.  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Please give a verdict for each city.  Guitly or Not Guilty will suffice.

I would put the person in jail.  I would also have their head examine.  When it is revealed that a religious story is the motivation for the killings I would make sure all the religious leaders who subscribe to this tale tell their constituents that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated.

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