Friday, September 28, 2012

#68- Freemasonry

Logo of Free Masonry
He told me that they were weird and mystical.  Something about them kicking people out of churches to do cloaked rituals during funerals.  They were clandestine.  They are masons of Freemasonry.

This is my first memory of what is know as Freemasonry.  That guy was a acquaintance of mine in high school.  He spoke of his ex-girlfriend's dad who was in this weird thing called the "Masons".  It left a spooky mark on my mind.

I think a lot of people associate mystery and cults with images of men in black robes holding candles and descending into cavernous places to carry out macabre business.  This was my image of what a Mason was based on what the guy had said.

Years later, my aunt and I were watching a daytime talk show and she told me of a woman who had escaped her husband's grasp and came to church to give her testimony.  I remember my aunt saying that the husband later converted from being a Mason to a Christian.  Thus at this point masonry was a decidedly negative thing.

After 9/11, the world changed.  After the dust had settled all manners of conspiracy theories rose.  It was around that time that I started to read David Icke's book called "The Biggest Secret".  Around that time I also became acquainted with "Behold a Pale Horse" by Milton William Cooper.  I was mostly intrigued and enamored with Icke's book.  I had never read such a book in my life.  Freemasons played a huge role in the plot of that book.  I started to see the world in a whole new way.  I was afraid and tried to spread the message of the book.  Most of my rants fell on deaf ears.  But I asked more questions and kept my eyes and ears out for clues that confirmed or denied what the book was saying.

As a young soldier in my Army National Guard unit, I found myself among many Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) that were Freemasons.  One of them was my squad leader.  I was intrigued and afraid at the same time.  I wanted to find out what would make a person align themselves with an insidious organization like the Masons when they seem to be such "good" people.

Staff Sergeant Ochoa, my squad leader, and I spent some time together in a fox hole during a training exercise.  I snuck in some sly questions about his organization while trying to seem indifferent and unaware of their evil plot.  He saw right through me.  He told me things that I have never heard before.  Everything he told me seemed guarded and cryptic.  It was just enough information to tease me and pique my interest.

Is this the "mark of the Beast"?
I eventually bought a book called the "Hiram Key" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas that was going to give me the inside scoop on the Masonic group.  It was one of the few books that I brought with me when I was stationed in Iraq in 2003.  It was very informative and transparent.   At that time I was very skeptical of whatever Masons said because I felt that they were going to mislead the uninitiated no matter what.  I didn't get a chance to finish the book because I gave it to another soldier as a gift.  I gave it to him because the things I learned were overwhelming and destructive to the things that I was raised to know or believe.  It was during that same time that I met another sergeant from Texas that was a Worshipful Master (leader of his Masonic lodge) and was willing to answer my questions.  I'll never forget his smile as he "threw signs" at me and I didn't know what he was doing.  I decided that the only way that I'd get the full understanding of the fraternity is by joining it.

In 2004 I visited 2 Mason lodges.  The first one had a bunch of geriatric men in the upper middle town of Miami Shores.  I felt like I stepped back in the 1950s.  The leader told me bluntly that I would not fit there and I agreed.  The whole thing must have lasted about 3 minutes.  I didn't let that initial experience deter me.  I found another lodge in the "hood" next to a Nation of Islam mosque of all places.

This is my vision of what weird cults dressed like and do.

Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam
I stepped in and made my inquiries on the process to be a mason.  I was told to come back at another time.  I came back at the instructed time and was asked a bunch of questions.  There was a fee to get in and an initiation process that I had was not ready for.  In one evening I went from a curious skeptic to a Master Mason.  The whole evening was like nothing I have ever been through and it left an impression on me in several ways.


  1. I would love to hear what the Master Mason told you that left such an impression. Spill the goods mister!!

  2. I am fascinated by your growth process.

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    M.H. Editor

    1. I left a message on your site, MH. Did you get it. If not I will visit it again. Thank you for reading my blog.

  3. Being in FreeMasonry, there's some lack of truth in this page, hence, not possible to become a Master Mason in one evening

    1. Possible to be an Apprentice in one evening, perhaps you meant, to have become an "Apprentice mason (EA)" ??

    2. No, I got all 3 degrees in one night. I understand that this is not the normal way it is done but that was my process.