Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#55- On Judaism

For whatever reason the universe decided to make many of my English teachers Jewish.  What is a Jew?  It, they killers?

Liam Neeson as Oscar Schindler
As a young lad who migrated from Haiti I had many adjustments I had to do.  I learned in Norland Middle school in Mr. Ronald Parks science room that White people outnumbered Black people in the United States.  I thought he was mistaken because most of the people around me were Black.  In Haiti most people were Black.  In Miami most people were Black and in Norland most were Caribbeanites or Black.

It is in that same frame of mind that I met Ms. Schreier, my 7th grade teacher.  She was one of the first people that I understood was a Jew.  I figured out what a Jew was by her appearance and behavior.  She was very good at exposing us to latent ideas that few kids in the class paid attention to.  She let us watch "Schindler's List" and "X" by Spike Lee.  Both movies changed my life.  Schindler's List exposed me to a historical nightmare in breathtaking cinematographic glory.  The evil of men upon these white people called "Jews" by people called "Nazis".  I happened to admire Adolf Hitler as a child coincidentally.  I loved all things German actually.  

In Haiti we worshiped White people.  I remember seeing a clip of Hitler passionate pushing his propaganda and a strange tongue that I later learned was German.  Hitler's command, passion, and charisma strangled my attention as an adolescent.  Schindler's list showed me that he was one of the most prolific human monsters ever born.

I liked Germany based on what I saw on television in the past.  The Germans seemed happy, healthy, and white.  Their flag's colors still evokes fond memories of that period and I still love their language.  But there was a time when Germans were feared and swallowed nations.  Hitler and Germans killed millions of Jews.

Naturally, I felt sympathetic toward these people.  Why were the targeted and hated so?  But alas Liam Nesson's character did a splendid job of saving as saving as many Jews as he could.  Who in their right minds could withhold the tears as they watch the horrors put on these people?  It was then that gained an unquenchable hate for the ghastly crime of genocide.

8th grade had me in Ms. Bearman's English class.  Although I don't remember her being overtly Jewish she did have the "nose".  I know it seems crass for me to say so at this time but I was learning on my own the secrets of this world.

10th grade had me in Mrs. Weinstein.  She also shared Jewish things with us.  She had us read "Night" by Elie Wiesel.  Again the scenes of that book etched irremovable mental scars in my brain.  I wanted revenge.  I dreamed of being the Angel of Revenge.  I wanted to seek out and gleefully destroy every single person who harmed the innocent Jews.  I secretly dreamed of this for so long.  I wanted to tattoo it on my body.  There is something attractive and romantic about defending the weak and oppressed to me.  I was born this way.  If I have an "evil" side this would be part of it. 

English 101 and 102 in Miami-Dade College had me sitting in Prof. Shaw's class.  She was tough and fair.  She confirmed that she was Jewish and told me about Adam's first wife "Lilith".  She introduced me to this thing called "Google" when I challenged her claim that Lilith was Adam's first wife.  She showed me the passages that were made cryptic in Isaiah.  This was one of the times that the shingles on lies fell from my eyes.

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  1. Wow...I share your pain, your fascination with Hitler/all things German and your want to understanding how other people can be so evil towards their fellow human being.