Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#53- The New Normal

That old girlfriend from high school who provided support during my time of transition eventually became my wife.

She grew up in a religious family.  She went on to have doubts as a teenager but played along.  Her father eventually showed her the popular online movie "Zeitgeist" and that stirred up old reservations that she had about religion.

When she met me I talked her ears off about my past, my present, and future goals.  We talked about religion and I explained why I had chosen to be an atheist.  I had her read "50 Reasons People Believe in a god" by Guy Harrison.  It was at that point that she gave up the last bit of religiosity she had.  She is adjusting to calling herself an atheist.  To her and many others, that word draws too much unwanted attention.

Life went on.  I was comfortable in my skin as an atheist.  I eventually completed the entire Quran (Yusuf Ali English translation) in March of 2010.  I was really happy to do it as I did something that very few people on the planet have done; complete the whole Bible and Quran.

I didn't go to church any more.  My last visit to my old church was on Easter of 2010.  A friend of mine went with me a few months after having her first daughter.  She used to be on the usher team and was asked to step down because she was not married.  I was furious!  She and I knew that the core members of the church were involved with all manners of dubious activities.  I started to write a note to my former pastor but she begged me not to give it to him.  As far as I knew, Jesus was born out of wedlock as well and I wanted to point out the hypocrisy.

As we were leaving church the friend who challenged me to reconsider my apostasy from Christianity met up with me and asked how was my spiritually walk was going.  I was very uncomfortable with that question because I was an atheist but knew that telling him would not be beneficial.  I sidestepped the query and left the church knowing that it would be one of the last time I would see that building.

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