Monday, October 3, 2011

#32- The Seeds of Doubt 2

2.  Big Brother

I began to see signs that the plan to subjugate society was in full effect.  While training at a telemarketing company, we used real people's social security numbers in our practice sessions.  I learned that companies sold our personal information by collecting data from sweepstakes etc.  I reasoned that the mark of the beast had already happened because we could not function openly and freely in the society without a social security number.

I saw commercials pushing for the use of debit cards over cash as a sign that the powers that be are getting the people passive and used to a speed system in order to make them more susceptible to the upcoming mark of the Beast.  I felt the same way about the Sun Pass system of our highways.

This was the only way that I felt that the enemy could rise among the people even though the people had the warning signs in the Bible.  They were going to make it so that the people actually WANT the mark.

Some of the Hip Hop artists that I listen too were already all to aware of this situation and made not-so veiled references to them.  I felt like I was on to something.

While at a Barnes and Noble I noticed a book called "The Hiram Key" on the discount shelf. It was about Freemasonry and I decided to buy it.  I used my debit card to get it.  Within days I had advertisements that essentially solicited my business because they were sold my info from my Barnes and Nobles transaction.

I became highly suspicious of everything and wanted to learn as much as I can and share as much as I could with who would listen.  Very few people listened because they did not have the information handy or some knew but didn't care.  Others were discouraged about doing anything and felt outnumbered.

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