Monday, October 3, 2011

#31- The Seeds of Doubt

1.  Lilith

Depiction of Lilith
While digging a foxhole with my squad leader he told me of two concepts that I have never forgotten:

1.  "The one-eyed man is king in a blind world"

2.  "Lilith was the first woman..."

I took the first to mean that Freemasons (which he was) knew more than the average man because they have taken the time to learn, understand, and apply esoteric knowledge.  I had the image of the eye above the pyramid of the US dollar in my mind.

The second statement threw me off.  "Everyone knows the Eve was the first woman" I thought in my head.  I just stayed quiet, absorbing all that he could offer.  I didn't want to ask questions that would cause him to close his spigot of Masonic knowledge.

I was in my 1102 English class when my teacher, she was Jewish, assigned writing assignments to us.  For some reason the name Lilith came out the discussion.   It piqued my interest and I told her that my sergeant mentioned that Lilith was the first woman.  I expected a laugh from her and she confirmed it.

"But everyone knows that Eve came first" I protested.

"The story of Lilith is part of my culture.  I'm Jewish" she said.  I was stunned.  I realized that I knew next to nothing about Jews outside the Holocaust, what I read in "Night" by Elie Wiesel, and hearsay from Christians.  I had never read the Bible so I had nothing to offer back.

A great book about the Holocaust

"Come to my office after class and I'll show you something".

I followed her to her office and that's when she typed in something into her computer.  She used something called "Google" that led her to verses in the Bible citing the story of Lilith.

"I'm not a practicing Jew but I'm familiar with the topic" she said in her New York accent.  "But I'm more of a Secular Humanist".  I had never heard of the term Secular Humanist before.  When I looked it up I thought it was wonderful.  I identified with it.  I also began to see differences between secular humanism and Christianity.

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