Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#41- The Meeting with Pastor Ron

Eventually things settled down for me.  I had a routine and I had gotten enough of the war experience out of me to me social again.  My pastor finally had the time to meet with me.

Pastor Ron is a good man.  He grew up in a Catholic home like me.  He served as an altar boy at one time in a Catholic church.  Somewhere in his journey he decided that Catholicism was not for him and became a baptist.  Eventually he became ordained and led the younger side of my church.

He was old enough to be respected and revered for his wisdom but young enough to have experienced American from the perspective of a young Haitian man.  He was very kind and passionate and busy.  Thus to get an audience with him was a privileged of sorts.

I wanted to be efficient and succinct during the meeting.  I brought my notes but I made an outline of my concerns and questions in order to get at the big things.  I asked about the genocides, slavery, and evil zeal of Yahweh.  I remember the look on his face as it seems like he was getting some of this information for the first time.

He confessed that he was more familiar with the New Testament and the deeds of Jesus then he was with the Old Testament. That took me by surprised because I thought that a pastor was a doctor in his field.  In my past I never thought of challenging a religious leader and always thought that any problems I had with the religion were of my mind.  It was at that time that learned that we are all able to learn equally and think equally.  I learned not to be enamored by titles but investigate a matter full and as judiciously as possible.

I left the meeting satisfied with Pastor Ron's honesty and humility but I was disappointed with the answers that I received.  I had to keep digging and looking around.  My thirst for knowledge grew and I was on my own to satiate it.

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