Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#34- Juan and Jericho

I dreaded doing my annual training every summer.  It was an obligation of mine and I had to fulfill it.  Being a thinking man is hard in that environment at the time.  I was a pawn that was to obey and move when needed.  This is why I was particular pleased to meet a young man who just happened to be teamed up with me in my squad named Juan.

Juan went to school at Florida State University and we talked about his experience there.  He told me of the wild parties, the girls, of smoking weed.  He was such a free spirit and seemed out of place in our unit kind of like me.  To the casual observer we were but young twenty something kids but we talked about all manners of deep things whenever time permitted.

2 student bodies at FSU.  Yee Haw!!!
I was still troubled by my choice to serve in the Army especially in the infantry being that it compromised my worldview that followers of Jesus were peace-loving hippy like folks.  I hope I wouldn't have to use my training for real in a war situation and be put in a position to kill.  I thought then as I do now that war was man's confession of failure to God.

At the time I had experiences that I attributed to my faith in God.  I prayed and thought that I communicated with God like one does with a friend.  All the services that I'd been too dealt with the good stuff of peace and love and forgiveness.  Of course there was your occasional talk of sin here and there but since we were already believers that was for the "unsaved".  When it came to war my conviction was that we were like children who want to be from our loving Parent but end up fighting over preventable things thus always needed God to keep an eye on us.  That kept God gainfully employed because humans were always fighting and that, to me, was proof we needed God to mind our affairs.
Hindu Avatar art

Juan was very mature for his age just like me.  The talk of girls and weed was entertaining but he wasn't afraid or inept when talking of spiritual things.  To my surprise he knew a great deal about the Bible, Christianity, and Jesus.  But what he had to say really had a profound on me.

Juan told me that there is a faction of people, mostly in the East that see Jesus as an avatar of Brahman.  They said that Jesus' behavior where in lined with what they know to be true.  If fact it is believed that Jesus made pilgrimages to the East; India to be more exact to learn from gurus and master different truths and spiritual techniques.  Juan hinted that all the clues are in the Bible but you have to know what to look for to see them.

Then he asked me "How do you account for the 18 years missing in Jesus' life?"

"18 missing years?"  I had never heard of such things.  Surely the Biblical account was complete about Jesus.  He was just about the most important and popular person that had ever lived.

"Yep.  Dude probably went around learning stuff and came back and applied it in Israel.  That's why they where scared of him and thought he did miracles.  He did no miracles he just knew science that no one else knew at the time."

On the subject of the Virgin Birth Juan said:  "That's a popular myth.  A lot of semi-gods were born of virgins. They know who Jesus' father is.  It is a Roman soldier named Pantera."

Those things blew my mind.  I had nothing to discount him other than saying the usual "but the Bible says..." or "how can this be possible or true and no one knows about it".

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