Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#35- Juan and Jericho 2

Juan and I were having one of our fascinating conversations about religion when I caught the ear of my platoon sergeant.

I must have been talking about how guilty I felt about being part of an army when God was obviously all into groovy love.

"What about the Battle of Jericho?" interjected Staff Sergeant North.  "Joshua went to battle for the Lord"

I stood there confused and intimidated at the same time.  This was my platoon sergeant, an authority figure, who was speaking.  I remember the look of absolute certainty on his face.  He looked at me as if I was missing something.  I was looking at him as if he was misguided as well.

SSG North was the picture of an All-American soldier.  He had just came out of the regular army where he did some very high speed missions.  He was a seasoned warrior and my direct supervisor.  He exuded patriotism and a sense that we Americans did things for the correct reasons at all times.

There was no way I was going to contradict my platoon sergeant and tell him about all the sermons dealing with loving your neighbor, forgiving your enemy, and that Jesus was the King of Peace and not war.  Surely, he was mistaken but I had to pick my battles, so-to-speak.

It was at that time that I felt the instinctual pressure of not talking about religion and/or politics while on duty.  I had to keep my thoughts to myself and had to be careful of who I shared them with.

I had never heard of Jericho and Joshua.  There was a good reason for this.

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