Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#43- The Investigator Is Born.

My meeting with my pastor did not have the desired result.  I waited months to get some answers about slavery, genocide, and other foul things and he did not really have much to say because those things were in the Old Testament.  This made me realize that I would have to research myself.

I didn't know what an "apologist" was but that's what I was training myself to be.  I was active in Sunday School challenging my teachers and helping them with the lessons.  I found learning the Bible exciting and wanted to share my passion and knowledge with the students in the class.  I had exposure to philosophy and debate around that time and I knew that not everyone the students meet would be ignorant about the troublesome passages in the Bible so I wanted to learn the answers to the hard questions.  This was especially important during the times that people were talking about going out to preach to strangers.  I always had a problem with telling strangers about religion.

I started my search on the internet.  I stumbled upon an Islamic website with a list of Bible contradictions.  I thought that this was very peculiar as I had never seen such a comprehensive list before.  I set about reading and examining each claim and see it I could answer each contradiction.  I understood context and had a good grasp of logical rules so I felt confident that I could clear up any misunderstandings.  What struck me most was that should there be any contradictions it would be easy to fix should the Bible editors become aware of them after all these years.

After going through the list it was apparent that the author had a good case.  When I brought this to the attention of my Sunday School teachers they dismissed it because I had gotten the list from the internet and from a Muslim site.  I told them that I cross-checked the material and that they were worth checking out and got nothing.

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