Monday, October 3, 2011

#30- Conspiracy Theories 2

1.  This CAN'T be true...

I learned a lot in college.  One day a guest speaker was talking to us about some other subject and pulled out a dollar.

"Has anybody ever taught you guys about the symbols of the US dollar?" he asked?

"...and here at the bottom it says Novus Ordo Seclorum or New World Order..."

I had a rush of information flash in my brain.  I remembered the first time that I had heard of this "New World Order".  It was during my visit to a house church near my high school that I was exposed to the ideas of:

1.  The New World Order
2.  Anti-Christ
3.  The mark of the Beast

Here as this man who had unwittingly confirmed what the Bible and David Icke's book had been telling me.  Since there was no collusion or reason for the man to pull my leg then I really took this as verifiable truth.  It was the first time that I started to see the Bible as a book of intrigue, power, and divine.

I thought "how wonderful of God to give us a warning sign to us humans to turn from our wicked ways or else the Earth would become just like the movie and the Anti-Christ would come to install this New World Order."

Now I was REALLY motivated to warn as many people as I could about what the book "The Biggest Secret" was saying.  Icke even sighted Genesis in his book and that to me made the book even more credible.

I told a respected church friend of mine about what I had learned and he pretty much dismissed me.  The book pretty much predicted this and attributed peoples scoff and mockery due to their lack of information or understanding.  But since there was references in the Bible I figured he would be more motivated than he was.

I met other people around that time that conducted themselves carefully because they felt that they knew esoteric knowledge that could get them in trouble with he forces of the Anti-Christ etc.  I saw a video disparaging Freemasonry and colluding them with the Illuminati.  Since I was one of the few people who knew of this esoteric knowledge it made me feel both privileged and burdened.  I really wanted people to get active in stopping the forces that would lead to making the mark of the Beast a reality.

I assumed that people wanted peace and would rise up by using the Bible as a reference to thrawp the places of the sinister Illuminati.

I itched at the chance to bring this up in Sunday School.  Expressing myself there was easier but what was difficult was that the students were lazy learners and could care  less about the Bible and what I had to stay.  I struggled to keep the info to myself because I didn't want to interrupt the predetermined lesson of the class.

It was around this time that I did some critical thinking:

1.  Satan was cunning and very powerful.  Why couldn't he just read the Bible and maneuver around it?

2.  How can the Bible be around for so long and yet people just allow the influences of evil to slowly build up to the point that they may take over?

3.  Why are people acting so lazy in the defense of the planet?  Don't they want to have peace?

I started to get the answers to my questions by talking to people.  Apparently the events of the Bible are predetermined and there was no wiggle room to prevent the events.  Therefore Satan was not an agent acting with free will he as an actor in a predetermined play.

More alarming was the lackadaisical attitude of the Christians.  They were inherently selfish about their salvation and didn't care for the fight to preserve the Earth.  The only thing the wanted to do was to "save" as many people as they could before Jesus returned to Earth.

"Why not have Jesus come back to an Earth that was in order and peaceful?" I thought.

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