Monday, October 3, 2011

#29- Birthday Disaster

In 1998 I worked at a Publix in Georgia while I waited to go to basic training.  I wanted to save up some money for a car and eventually become independent.

I met a gentleman from South Africa named Chris who was very kind.  He was a Christian and he told me of miracles that he saw in his native land.  He spoke in a cool, matter-of-fact tone.  His accent was a kick and he didn't seem like he needed to lie about anything.  I also met other kind Christians that edified my belief that being a good person was synonymous with being a Christian.

 One such man was "De Joi" who was a poor Haitian man who allowed my aunt and I to spend a night at his shabby home.  His house was not in good shape but his heart was.  I was so impressed by his disposition that I literally thought that he was an angel.  He exuded a calm peace.  His name literally stood for "of joy" in French.  It didn't seem rational since he worked a crummy job and lived in a shitty condition.  I secretly studied him for any inconsistencies and found none.

I was on my best behavior for days and was eagerly anticipating  my birthday.  The  week was going to crescendo when the dreadful and Satanic New York Jets were to play my beloved and pious Dolphins.

I remember Jets center Kevin Mawae feigning righteousness by having a cross taped on his face mask.  I just knew that he was a tool of the evil one and that Miami would overcome because God was on our side.

Note:  In case some of you didn't know it by now, I use sarcasm liberally.  I hope you can tell when I'm being sarcastic.  If not leave me a note and I'll point it out.

I finished my shift and talked as much trash as I could with my fellow coworkers before leaving to go home and watch the game. At that point in my life I sincerely thought that:

1.  I was a Christian
2.  God had started to communicate with me directly
3.  Good things happen to the followers of God
4.  I was good AND my wish of the Dolphins winning was selfless and thus GUARANTEED to come true.

We lost. I cried myself to sleep.  I didn't understand why God had let me down.  It was such a simple request.  I felt like a fool.  I searched for the reason I was denied and found none that satisfied me.

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