Saturday, September 24, 2011

#1- The Purpose of this Blog

Being Haitian in America has it's disadvantages.  Being atheist and Haitian puts me further down in the popularity polls.  I am a minority in a minority.  I decided to write this post because religion has taken a strong hold on my focus ever since I came back from my deployment in Iraq in 2004.

By no means do I assume that I am the sole Haitian atheist but I make it a point to emphasize both sides of my self in order to motivate that person who is on the fence to make that decision towards atheism.  I aim to educate, inspire, and answer questions while I lay out the events that lead me to my current position in regards to religion.

This blog is also therapeutic to me.  I sincerely believe that religious training is a form of abuse.  Some of this is milder than others.  I was not raped by a priest or nothing like that but I have lost time, friendships, and money on this journey.  Overall, I am happy but very concerned about the state of our world.  I pledge to do what I can to leave the world in a better condition than how I found it.

I dedicate this work to all those unbelievers who are keeping their true self hidden in order to cope with their reality; especially the Haitian ones.  You will learn why soon.

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  1. Well done husband! The background looks great. Good read so far. I'm proud of you!