Friday, September 30, 2011

#22- New Christian Cool

Now that I had accepted Jesus I slowly felt the need to make some changes in order to avoid being fake. I eventually stopped having sex as I made a vow of celibacy for 1 year with God.  I went to church more for me and less for friends.  The first few months away from girls were the toughest but it got better because I had bigger fish to fry.

I found a church that I found satisfactory.  I had visited this church previously when I was doing my rounds.  This was and probably is the largest Haitian church in Miami. The name of the church is Haitian Emmanuel Baptist Church.  Inside the building the church was divided into the older more "Haitian" crowd and the younger more "Americanized" crowd.

The older side had a rigid structure and was fabulously boring.  They were old school and were proud of it.  This is were the parents of the kids of the younger side did their "beniswa l'Eternel" or praise and worship.

The leadership were almost all exclusively old, austere men who exuded a sense of  the Haitian need to be in power.  The ladies were little more than garnishes.  Some of them wore the handkerchief on their heads and bleated the obligatory "amen!" when prompted.  

I attended service at the older side as much as I could because I thought I could hang with the French and Creole being spoken.  That church gave me a sense that my Haitian identity was waning and I was alarmed by that.  Moments into the sermon I would be choked by boredom.  Sleep clouded my eyes and questions cascaded down my brain as I wondered why it was that they did their business the way that they do.  There was a heavy dose of Haitian culture there and I knew that I could not get a good and straight answer from those stuff adults so I migrated to the youth side.

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