Sunday, September 25, 2011

#8- The Neighbors

The Episcopalians

My immediate neighbors attended a church called St. Paul Episcopal.  I liked the place because they served food after service.  The place had a few teens and a low population of eligible girls to pick up.  So I was restricted to paying attention and waiting it out for the grub after the sermon.

The Episcopalian crew is Catholic-Lite in my humble opinion.  The pastor was a super boring man with the most monotone voice ever.  Since he was the leader he literally set the tone to the place and that meant that I had to find some refuge to the mind numbing boredom to choked me.  One day I actually stopped daydreaming to notice the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis.  The first couple where prohibited from eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

That blew my mind because it seemed like God did not want us to gain knowledge.  This was disappointing since I loved to learn.  Little did I know how right my suspicions were.

Happy faces and boring places
I was especially captivated by the incense that was constantly being flung around.  It smelled good but I had never seen that done before and I wanted to know the purpose of it.  I think I asked but I discovered that 90% of what was done at that church was done because of tradition and that was enough to quell the curiosity of the parishioners.  I was in the midst of a bunch of automatons.  I remember staring at the pastor from afar as he smoked his cigarette.  I tried to guess how a man can be so dreadfully boring.  His smoking bothered me because I assumed that as a "man of God" he should represent good health habits.  His carcinogenic habit made me suspect that he had troubles he was dealing with.

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