Monday, September 26, 2011

#12- Middle School Muslim 3

Ms. Shreier was a gutsy broad by today's standards.  Teachers today can't teach or show what I was exposed to it seems.  Even though she was Jewish she was the person who showed us life altering movies such as "Malcolm X" and "Schindler's List".

After I same Spike Lee's "Malcolm X" my life found purpose.  I thought that Malcolm was me in a previous life. I still think of him as my role model.

Luigi's words were upsetting but so was the movie.  The White man was the devil.  There was proof even in his HIS STORY books.  My Haitian people suffered from him and so did the Indigenous people of the Americas.

I got into Wu Tang Clan and other Hip Hop artists.  I used to read the booklets that came with the CDs and tapes and noticed that most of them gave praise to "Allah".  It was then that I contemplated becoming Muslim since it was evident that I was not to follow the White man's devilish ways.

There was a super Christian nerd named Victor who I berated and gave him all types of hell for being Christian.  Victor was not all innocent; he burned all his older brother's rap tapes because they were "of the Devil".

Victor had not good answer for me when I asked him why he was worshiping a White Jesus when he knew that the White man was evil incarnate.

Word came down that some other kids had converted to Islam.  I remember this girl that I wanted to holla at said that she was considering becoming Muslim and that pushed me over the edge.

Right before I consider seeking how to take the Shahada I wondered how my mom would take the new radical me.  I tried to tell her that the White man played a dirty trick on us but she was having none of it.  She permed my sister's hair around the time I saw Malcolm X and I told her that it was not our natural stay and that we were brainwashed to wanna be White.

Whispers arose about how Islam was spread by violence and that they subjugated women so I decided on holding off on my conversion until I investigated this fully.  I wanted to be like Malcolm very badly but even he was fooled so I wanted to rep this new me with right knowledge should I decide to convert for real.

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