Sunday, September 25, 2011

#11- Middle School Muslim 2


Hip Hop or rap was all the rage in the mid '90s.  There was no way to avoid it.  If you wanted to be cool you had to be up on the latest lingo, codes, clothes, news, artists, dances, etc. or risk being on the fringes of cooldom.

Somehow I got my mitts on a Snoop Dogg "Doggystyle" album.  I probably listened to in on a "Walkman" that played "tapes".  Anyhow that album is the shiznit as you are well aware but it robbed me of a bit of my innocence AND I LOVED IT!!

Snoop told us about "punk ass niggas", "bitches", "hoes" and "tricks".  This was news to me because I was raised to respect people in general especially women.  But apparantly there were a scandalous breed of females out to get me and Snoop was serving notice to watch out for them.  This is why Hip Hop was considered the "Ghetto CNN" because that album transported me into a dangerous world that I could escape by removing my headphones.


I love chocolate.  I was also greedy.  When Easter came around my 7th grade English teacher Ms. Schreier

NOTE:  Ms. Schreier was Jewish.  Keep this in mind for later ;-)

 passed out small chocolate eggs to all willing students.  The guy behind me tapped me on my shoulders.

"Hey, you want my eggs?"

"Hell yeah!"

I am now ashamed at the speed I devoured those pellets of sugary goodness.  As I binged I remember the look in his face.  He had a smirk like he was watching a freak show.  His name was Luigi and he was one of the cool kids.  He told me that he didn't celebrate Easter and that's why he gave me those eggs.  I knew Luigi was Haitian and all Haitians were some sort of Christian so what gives?

"I'm Muzzlem" said Luigi

"You're a what?"

"I'm a Muslim" he repeated.

He then told me that the "White man" took my ancestors from Africa, beat the shit out of us, raped us, and we took on his name and his religion, Christianity.  He asked me why am I worshiping a god that didn't look like me.  I had no answer.  Everyone knew that Jesus was white.

(At this time I didn't know too much about Jesus other than he was a super-pacifist Hippie and he was WHITE)

Even when I read my first books with now illustration as I child I always pictured the characters as White by default.  I didn't know I was a mental slave at that time.

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