Monday, September 26, 2011

#15- High School Phaze 2

Georgia Boys

1.  Jesus es mi amigo

My amigo Steven was a childhood friend who moved to Georgia with his family.  I went to visit him one summer and he went all Jesus Freak on me.  He told me about how his life went wayward and that Jesus had fixed him good.  I remember how passionatley his spoke about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I was like "whatever floats your boat, man".  I was intrigued about what happened that he ran into the arms of the oppressor's god.  I didn't spend time going into the evils of the religion because it seems like it would break his heart.

People like Steve tend to make others uncomfortable sometimes.  His parents weren't very religious so when the coast was clear I sheepishly asked his mom how she felt about the conversion.  She was very wary of the church and didn't feel comfortable about his new faith but they were supportive nontheless.

2.  Maximus

If I ever had a big brother it would have to be Max.  I met Max one summer during a visit to Atlanta.  He was super cool even though he was a few years older than me and took me everywhere.

My aunt took me to a church in a remote area one day.  It was a Saturday and these people had service that day instead of Sunday.  This was my first contact with Seventh Day Adventists.  The seem stricter than your average Christian and were enamored with the Sabbath.

One afternoon while tagging along with Max, we stopped by a home of a friend of Max.  I was left in the living room and I noticed that the TV was off so I turned it on in order to pass time.  Max came back and chastised me for turning on the TV not because I was being rude or forward but because it was the Sabbath.  I was baffaled by his displeasure but the TV went off.  I think I decided then that some people took their religion way too seriously.  I wasn't sure if the SDA were a nefarious cult or what but I couldn't figure out how a cool guy like Max would be down with such strict rules.

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