Saturday, September 24, 2011

#4- Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When did I become an atheist?
>August of 2009

2.  Do I hate God?

>No. I don't believe in a god. Yahweh is the deity that I am most familiar with and he is evil by deed and word.

3.  Am I afraid to go to hell?

>No.  Hell was one of the first concepts that I let go on my way to freedom.

4.  Was I a Christian?

>Yes.  I said the magic words (sinner's prayer) when I was about 17.

5.  What does my parents think?

>  My mother thinks I'm crazy.  Actually she said I changed ever since I came back from the war.  I guess for her it is a matter of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

6.  Am I afraid for my safety?

> Yes.  The more face time I get the more likely I will draw the attention of some zealot.

7.  What does my partner think of my atheism?

>  She likes it.

8.  Did you really try to understand the Bible?

>  Yes.  It isn't not hard to understand.  I had the Student Bible and it was a piece of cake.

9.  Did you read the entire Bible?

> Pretty much.  I highly recommend it.  It will make more people atheist.

10.  Did you read the entire Qur'an?

> Yes.  I was challenged by a friend and accomplished it around March 2010.

11.  Where do we come from? How did life begin?

> We are still trying to figure those things out.  We have made great progress towards the answers however.  Take a good science class and you will learn a lot.  I recommend Geology.

12.  How do you feel about evolution?  How do you feel about voodoo?

>  Evolution is a fact.  Voodoo use to scare the shit out of me.  Now I see it as just another religion.

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