Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#18- Christianity Creeps In

Pastor George offered me Jesus in front of my house and I did not shake his hand.  I didn't do it because it was the kind of decision you make casually and I knew it was an emotional buy.  He succeeded in reforming Jesus' image to one of a good guy.  In fact I thought of Jesus as a hippie.  He was what people refer to today as a "bleeding heart liberal".  That term is supposed to be an insult but at the time that's what I thought of Jesus: as a kind dude.

1.  Proctor and Gamble

Satan's Corporation

One day when I was an upperclassmen, I was given a flyer by a member of a Bible club that met in school.  They met in one of my teacher's room who was a pastor.  It stated that the president of Proctor and Gamble had declared that he is a member of the Church of Satan and that Christians could stop him. The president of P&G supposedly appeared on the Phil Donahue show and boasted about this.

I went home to examine the list of goods made by P&G to see if I could do without them.  To make a long story short P&G made everything and I could not see myself telling my parents to go without those goods.

P&G is second only to China in making stuff.
The reason that I even cared even though I wasn't a Christian is that my uncle had told me of the Devil or Satan and I had accepted the concept of duality without critical thinking.  When it came to Satan the only clue that I had that something was not as they preached was when I read the beginning of the Genesis story for my self.  God didn't want Man to eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which would cause the first humans to become like gods.  Apparently that's all it took to be godlike.  But what caught my attention was how it was the snake (or Satan) who encouraged inquiry and I understood the metaphor of Adam and Eve's eyes opening up once they ate the fruit.  They became ENLIGHTENED!!!

But I thought "Wait a minute.  God wants people to stay dumb?!"

He does't look so evil, right?
My mother pushed education as the premier thing in life and here is Satan, who is supposed to be the acme of evil, encouraging humans to be smart and be inquisitive.  Satan (the snake) even bested God when he told them that they would NOT die when they ate the magical knowledge fruit.  To add insult to injury, the tree with the antidote (Tree of Everlasting Life) was within reach and God kicked out the first couple for being curious.
Humans came from Africa yet Adam and Eve are white.

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