Thursday, September 29, 2011

#20- Christianity Creeps In 3

  Armed Forces

One day some military people came to our school to recruit and promote their branches.  There was a representative from the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy there.  I remember being impressed by their uniforms, especially the Marines one.

The Army representatives came to our class to speak.  I remember the lady being Hispanic or mixed and being very attractive.  I focused on her almost exclusively.  She told us about how nice Germany was and that they made a lot of money, got 30 days paid vacation, and that we could buy nice cars.  She spoke in a way that insulted my intelligence because she focused on material things that she thought would attract high school students.  I wanted to know more about the day-to-day life of a service person because of the very real possibility of going to war.  The dangers or negatives of military service were conveniently omitted.

It was due to that presentation that I started to think about heaven.  The military recruiters represented the same government and got paid the same money (depending on rank and time of service etc.) and yet were trying to outshine the other for best place to sign our lives to.

For some reason I used that as an analogy to religions.  Muslims, Christians, and Jews (I barely knew much about the 1000s of other choices out there) all claim to have the path to God and heaven.  They were willing to disparage each other but yet there was only 1 God who was super loving and knew all things.

Was there one truth or way or multiple ways to heaven?  Something was up.

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