Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#19- Christianity Creeps In 2

1.  Real or Fake?

People are accustomed to giving religious people special treatment.  Whenever someone styles themselves as churchgoing or a person of god people see that as a virtue or a valiant goal.

I was in the midst of dealing with Christianity in High School.  My image of Jesus had been tamed to one of a hippie.  Christians sold their message as one of peace, love, and forgiveness all of which was groovy and agreeable.  I thought that I was around churches and church folks enough to get the gist of their message and beliefs.  Even though I wasn't a Christian I had no fears because I strive to be good and my reputation was sterling.

The leader of the school's Bible study group was a classmate of mine.  He was mature and was highly respected for his overt religiosity.  One day he confided in me that he was in fact a pervert who preyed on girls when the opportunity presented itself.  This was no surprise except for the coolness in which he told me.  I, and most of the boys, were always under constant pressure to get ass so this was not super surprising.  I had fallen into the trap of thinking that Christians were above "worldly" things.  This had happened before when I spotted two friends of mine emerging from a bedroom noticeable disheveled from sexual shenanigans.  This couple was active just after we had come from church.  The girl passed herself off as holy and I drunk the cool aid for a while because she was in the choir etc.

2.  Science vs. Christianity

Having suffered a tough break up the summer before my junior year I was looking to bounce back strong.  I became interested in a beautiful girl who's best friend was interested in me.  After I straightened out the confusion I pursued my interest with reckless abandon.

The young lady was the daughter of a pastor and very religious.  I remember discussing dinosaurs and science with her.  She vehemently opposed what I was telling her and I was shocked how someone in High School could not have be aware of these science facts and notions.  The ones she knew about she dismissed in preference for the Bible stories.

Because I wanted to win her I went to church with her to see what the big deal was.  Her church was lively with all the pomp and circumstance of a classic Haitian Baptist establishment.  Things got interesting when I went to a Sunday school type group and expressed my views on things.  The people made me feel alien as if they had never been schooled in what I was telling them.

Pastor's kids were infamous for being the most degenerate of believers at that time.  It was due to the high pressure of living up to the standards of their parents and family.  I was on my best behavior for as long as I could but I wanted see if I can see the "wild child" in her.  There was none.  We never dated but that trial did leave its mark.

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